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                                                                                                                                                        The Green line (stripe) or Madame Matisse by Henri Matisse.1905.      Series Two  Day one of “ Time, Creativity, Inner belief, Flexibility, Determination, and Perseverance.” The Green Line, or Madam Matisse by Henri Matisse Before I talk about This painting and how it connects to today. I would like to look at the words of my theme and how “ Time, Creativity, Inner belief, Flexibility, Determination and Perseverance” are vital ingredients to this time of change. I would also like to establish a baseline. That the route cause of racism in all its forms is White Supremacy and greed!. At this point I can hear many of my white democratic friends say, myself included” Well that's not me! “ I go to a multicultural church” I hold my brother and sisters hand during “the peace! ” I use politically correct terms! “ “I believe in racial